Why should I choose live-in care?

There are many options available for care, each depending on the person’s specific requirements. From care homes to companionship care, there is a full spectrum of tailored care facilities out there for a person to choose from, with care at home fast becoming the favourite care option amongst many.

Gone are the days when care homes are the only available options, with rigid routines and a lack of one-on-one support. Therefore, many people opt for more personal care services tailored to suit the individual.

Live-in care is an excellent option for those wishing to stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by spouses, pets, or just their general belongings, with no restrictions to their daily routine.


What is live-in care?

Live-in care is a service that provides professional care to those in need of comfort and safety in their own home. Unlike Domiciliary care, however, live-in care allows the carer to have permanent residency in the home so that they are on hand to help at whatever time of the day.

As a leading nationwide live-in care agency, we provide full-time local live-in care services that exceed expectations. Our carers create fantastic relationships with our clients, providing them with a safe environment in their homes, giving the family peace of mind, and removing the stress of responsibility.

Who is live-in care for?

Live-in Care is suitable for anyone who can no longer look after themselves independently and would greatly benefit from full-time care assistance.

Whether it is for a physical disability, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or palliative care, our carers are each trained to provide the very best standard of sensitive and professional care available.

When is the right time to choose live-in care?

At Calida Care, we understand that it can be challenging to accept the loss of one’s independence for you or your loved one. Therefore, we are fully on hand to provide as much support as possible, always considering the wishes of both the person needing care and their friends and family.

If the time comes when domiciliary care is no longer suitable, and the safety of a person may be at risk when living alone, live-in care should be considered.  Our carers will adapt to the daily routine of each client and help them with each of their needs.

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