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Why choose Live-In Care?

Why choose Live-In Care?

Accepting that help and support is needed is often difficult to do; quite naturally, many feel that in accepting help, they are giving up their independence and some may be worried it will mean compromising on their wish to remain at home, or limit their choices and ability to make decisions.

What is Live-In Care?

Live-In Care is when you have a fully trained carer living with you in your home to support you full time with all aspects of daily living. It has the added benefit of offering companionship and the reassurance that someone is always close on hand.

Live-In Care is the ideal option, offering you the support you need, on your terms, in your own home. Its holistic approach ensures your health and care needs are met without compromising your standard of living, lifestyle or relationships. Most importantly, it offers you the recognition that you are an individual and the freedom to continue making your own choices, to be spontaneous and to pursue your interests, bringing positivity and enjoyment to your daily living.

Further benefits of our Live-In Care include:

  • Unparalleled, one to one support from a dedicated carer, someone you can build a meaningful relationship with and who will quickly get to know your wishes, preferences and how you like to be supported
  • A dedicated and friendly Care Manager who will personally manage your care and enjoy visits and calls with you, ensuring you remain happy with the service, that it continues to meet your needs and that it is being delivered to our high standards
  • Friendship, companionship and the support of our friendly Calida Care team, ensuring you and your loved ones have an experienced, knowledgeable and caring network available to you 24/7
  • A quick response if there are any changes or fluctuations to your health & support needs. We work closely with other healthcare professionals, for example, Occupational Therapists, Falls Management Team, GP’s, Speech & Language Therapists, District Nurses, to ensure you have access to the right support, without delays
  • The reassurance that your wishes, choices and decisions will be respected and that there is no rush for tasks and activities to be completed; you set the pace at every step
  • Transparency and an open-door policy for our Clients and carers. We actively encourage and welcome all feedback and if things go wrong, we want to hear about it so that we can put it right again. We will always be honest with you, keep you informed of any changes that may affect you and seek your input

We are here to help

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